Students and Boarders alike enjoy the competition spirit. Students will have the chance to take a well schooled horse to their first show or cross-country gallop.

Students start by learning from a qualified instructor not only to ride but also to tack, groom and get their mounts ready for the show ring. Once the student is ready to go to the competition ring they have the variety of trying different types of competitions, from dressage (all the way to recognized) , and of course full events (Horse Trials).

Since most competitions are held off property, Reschburl owns a six horse head to head horse trailer to transport the horses to the shows (Not for Hire). Riders are responsible to get their horses ready for the shows as well as putting their horses away at the end of the competition day.

Please contact us for more information.

Reschburl Equestrian Centre will be hosting a Glanbrook Cadora Dressage show on August 26, 2018. Please contact Glanbrook Cadora for more information,