Welcome to Reschburl Equestrian Centre Limited!

The equestrian sport offers it’s participants a unique experience, whether it be starting out on your first canter or riding a well schooled dressage or event horse, there is a thrill that only equestrians can understand.

Through proper instruction, anyone from the casual to the competition rider can enjoy the art of riding, so it is the hope of Reschburl Equestrian Centre that people of all experience levels have a chance to live out this dream.

Located in Burlington, ON, owned and operated by Regina Schmitter, an award winning Equine Canada Competition Coach.  Reschburl Equestrian Centre offers riding lessons, boarding and training to all those interested in dressage and eventing.

In addition, we also host CADORA dressage shows, allowing all of our clients to showcase their skills.  Students from Reschburl also have the opportunity to trailer their horses to competitive events.

These events help riders become familiar with the equestrian world in a fun, and competitive way.

For more information on our riding lessons, boarding and training, contact Reschburl Equestrian Centre today.

Sorry, we do not offer trail riding.